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 “Ross did a great job solving our sewer pump electrical problem and removing roots that were also interfering with our system. he was also helpful to provide advice to keep things flowing in the future.and all this at a very affordable price that helped me overcome my lifelong fear of plumber$.  Thank you Ross!”  Frank D., Prescott Valley

“Ross of the Dependable Dutchman. He converted our electric to gas because I wanted a gas stove. He has done a few jobs for us. We are very pleased with his work and prices. His number is 928-775-0009.” – Linda, Unit 19, Nextdoor Review

“Completed project in a timely manner and at a great price.” – Angie’s List Review

“We used the Dependable Dutchman, Google rating of 5.0 Plumber in the Yavapai County, Arizona Address: 9336 E Turtle Rock Rd, Prescott Valley, AZ 86315 Phone: (928) 775-0009 Very good, reasonably priced, prompt, friendly.” – Gail, Viewpoint, Nextdoor Review

“New water heater and expansion tank installed. Ross did an excellent job. Going to have him do more work this summer!”  – Angie’s List Review

“We have used Dependable Dutchman Plumbing several times. Ross always does a good job. 928-775-0009.” – SuAnn, Loos Court, Nextdoor Review

I’ve used Dependable Dutchman Plumbing and been very happy with him (Ross), with his work and prices. https://dependabledutchman.com/ 928-775-0009. He does not do emergency work, just FYI. He lives locally.” – Carol, Viewpoint, Nextdoor Review

“Replaced water heater. Ross was very responsive to my first phone call.  I had done a great deal of research regarding different models and types. Ross was knowledgeable and listened to my questions.  He told what his experience had been with different models and checked on a model that I was interested in.  Unfortunately that model wouldn’t fit in my space. He recommended a model and we agreed upon a price. An appointment was set and Ross called to let me know he was running about a 1/2 hour behind. The installation was neat and professional.  Ross hauled away the old water heater and cleaned up the area.  My wife and I are very pleased with the result.” – Angie’s List Review

“Dependable Dutchman did a good job for us.” – Merrie, Poquito Valley, Nextdoor Review

“Whole house water filter installed. Great! Dutchman will be my “go to” plumber from now on. I have more work scheduled with Dutchman Plumbing next month.” – Angie’s List Review

“Ross did a good job for me and was very accommodating regarding scheduling. Definitely recommend.”  – Jane, Viewpoint, Nextdoor Review

“Recently we used this company for the third time. They are polite, professional, and reasonable in price. It is nice to deal with a family owned company who live within our community. Ross is a pleasure to deal with when you have a plumbing problem and often is available in a day or two.” – Gil, Granville, Nextdoor Review

“Toilet instillation. I would use them in the future. They are a great provider with good communication skills. I think the ability to let me know what needed to be done, and explanation of the work that needed to be done. Communication was great. It took them an hour to complete the job.” – Angie’s List Review

“For plumbing, we used Dependable Dutchman. They installed a new pressure regulator and removed old well equipment. They figured out the most cost effective way of fixing the problem and did it in a reasonable amount of time and fair value.” – Angie’s List Review

“Add another pleased recommendation for the Dependable Dutchman. ”  – Len, Granville, Nextdoor Review

“Replace faucet gaskets. Technician was prompt, professional and courteous.” – Angie’s List Review

We used Dependable Dutchman as well, very happy. Ann, Pronghorn Ranch, Nextdoor Review
“Hot Water Heater Replacement. I can’t praise enough the performance of Ross and Ryan in replacing my water heater in a crawl space. They were thorough, professional and by far exceeded my expectations; particularly in light of my issues with two other contractors on Angie’s List. A recirculating pump problem caused by a rusting of the spigot pipe was diagnosed and solved; a new hot water heater installed and even a follow-up call was made to me from Ross while he was attending to his wife in surgery. I definitely will call them if I need any other plumbing problems resolved.” – Angie’s List Review
“Dependable Dutchman. Just replaced my water heater 3 weeks ago plus other jobs in the past. Dependable, prompt, polite and honest.” – Bob, Pronghorn Ranch, Nextdoor Review
“From repairing leaks to running water to a shower, to hooking up a tankless water heater . . . we have used his services probably 5-6 times. He has always been prompt, professional, and done a very thorough job. In addition, his prices are reasonable. It is nice to find a plumber you can really trust.” – Angie’s List Review
“Installed four new bathroom faucets, a new kitchen faucet, and installed a water purification system in the kitchen. Ryan (the son) performed most of the work but was joined by his father, Ross, for the last hour of the six hour job. Ross and Ryan were extremely professional and knowledgeable. Ross, at my request, modified the plumbing of the water purification system to use braided stainless lines rather than the plastic lines supplied by the manufacturer. Ross and Ryan were very thorough and did not cut any corners including dismantling a powder room pedestal sink to properly install the new faucet and thoroughly cleaning all sink drains and traps before reinstalling the plumbing. This family business deserves the highest recommendation.”
– Angie’s List Review
“I use Dependable Dutchman Plumbing, Ross Rozendaal, 928-775-0009. Excellent plumber.” – Jean, Viewpoint, Nextdoor Review
Ross at Dutchman plumbing is great. He just left our house.” – Tom, Pronghorn Ranch, Nextdoor Review

Dependable Dutchman Plumbing

Serving the Prescott Quad City Area Since 1998